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Shoes & Attire

Please make sure to put your child's name inside all dance shoes!

Shoes for "IT TAKES Two" 1 1/2-3 year olds:

Ballet shoes only.  (Any pink, split-sole ballet shoes - leather or cloth.)  (Adults need to wear tennis shoes, socks, or go barefoot.)


Shoes for 3-4 year old BALLET/JAZZ/ACRO:

Ballet shoes only.  (Any pink, split-sole ballet shoes - leather or cloth.) 


Shoes for 5 & 6 YEars, 1st-3rd, 4th-6th, 7th-12th Grade classes:

Dancers should have the correct shoes for the classes they are taking.  If your dancer is taking a combo class, they need to have all shoes for the combo class they are taking.  

  • BALLET:  Ballet Shoes (Any pink, split-sole ballet shoes - leather or cloth) 

  • JAZZ:  Jazz Shoes (We prefer "Bloch" slip-on Jazz shoes with the elastic V on the top of the foot in tan)

  • HIP HOP:  Tennis Shoes

  • LYRICAL/CONTEMPORARY:  Barefoot, Half Soles, or Jazz Shoes (For Jazz shoes, we prefer "Bloch" slip on Jazz shoes with the elastic V on the top of the foot in tan.  For Half Soles, we prefer the Capezio "Turning Pointe 55" Pirouette Shoes in tan.)

  • ACRO:  Barefoot

  • TAP:  Black or tan, slip-on or lace-up "leather" tap shoes are preferred for all dancers 7 years & up.  3-6 year olds can wear the patent leather kind with the ribbon tie or strap.

If you already have shoes that aren't exactly like the descriptions below, it's ok.  When you go to purchase new shoes, please try to get the suggested styles above.  See below for the stores we recommend.

We do not believe in enforcing a leotard & tights dress code.  We feel that young, adolescent children who have to look at themselves in a mirror during class should be comfortable in what they're wearing.  If dancers wish to wear leotard and tights, they are more than welcome to do so.  Most of our dancers wear booty shorts or leggings with tank tops or dance half tops.  Our littlest dancers tend to wear tights and a leotard with a tutu or dance skirt.  No dresses or skirts (without shorts or leotards), no jeans, and nothing too baggy.




Dancers must have their hair up for all classes.  (If dancers are taking a Hip Hop class, they may ask their teacher if they can have their hair down.)


The Dance Store: 2509 S. Robertson Blvd. LA 90034.  310-271-3664.  Mention "8 Count" to get a 10% discount.


Shelly's Dance & Costume: 2089 Westwood Blvd. LA 90025.  They DO NOT sell the Bloch brand of Jazz shoes we prefer.  Mention "8 Count" to get a 10% discount.

TargetTarget sometimes sells beginning ballet, jazz, and tap shoes for little ones.  These are okay for dancers 6 and under who are not on teams.


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