COVID Policies

  • Your teacher will meet you in the parking lot at the rear of the building at the start of your first class. Your teacher will walk your dancer out to the parking lot at the end of your classes. 

  • Timely drop-off and pick-up is vital.

  • Parents, caregivers, and siblings will not be allowed to enter the building for any reason. The studio is required to minimize the presence of nonessential visitors.  Drop-off only.

  • Hand sanitizer will be given to dancers prior to entering.

  • Dancers must arrive dressed and ready to go.  Please do your best to use the bathroom prior to coming to dance.

  • The shoes dancers arrive in will be left in the hallway outside of the studios and will not be permitted inside the studios.

  • Hip hop shoes must be different from the dancer's outside shoes - please be sure to clean the soles of your dancer's hip hop shoes prior to class.

  • Dancers need to bring their own bag (backpacks preferred) with their supplies.  They will have their own marked-off space for their bag in the studio. 

  • Dancers will need a water bottle, *"Ballet Barre Sleeve"/paper towel roll (if they have ballet), and dance shoes. 

  • *Ballet Barre Sleeve- You may cut a paper towel roll lengthwise or bring a piece of fabric that can be taped or Velcroed over the barre.

  • Anyone with signs of illness will not be permitted into the building.

  • Please do not come to dance if you are sick.

  • If your dancer is considered a close contact: According to the CDC recommendations, if your dancer is asymptomatic and has tested positive for Covid in the past 90 days, or is fully vaccinated, they do not need to quarantine.  If your dancer will not be quarantining, we will need proof of vaccination for them to come to the studio. 

  • We will not be doing Zoom this year.  However, if we are forced to close, we will continue classes & rehearsals on Zoom.  No discounts will be given for zoom classes.

  • Parking – Please do not wait, stop, or park in the alleyway behind the studio, F&S, The Six, or the apartments.  If you do not get a parking spot behind our building, please continue to drive through the alleyway and find a legal parking spot.  Do not park in the handicap spot unless you have a handicap placard on display.  Please do not park or pull into the reserved owners parking spots.  The Citibank parking lot behind us always has space available.  It’s $1 cash for 20 minutes.

  • *Policies are subject to change.