1 1/2 - 3 Year Olds

1st Semester

"It Takes Two"

For 1 1/2- 3 year olds & Moms/Dads/Nannies/Grandparents


This class is designed for Moms/Dads/Nannies/Grandparents and children to explore movement in a fun environment.  Students are introduced to a class structure, stretches, and age appropriate dance technique.  The use of props and sing-along dance songs allows adults to help their child develop motor and coordination skills.  Added benefits for Moms/Dads/Nannies/Grandparents are increased flexibility, balance, and dance appreciation.  


Two is better than one in "It Takes Two!"


2nd Semester classes are held September 9, 2019 - February 2, 2020


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10662 W. Pico Blvd.

West Los Angeles, CA 90064


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